Full-Stack Sponsorship

Creating equitable partnerships & activating them for real people is what we do. And with a mission of uniting brands with people, building communities around brands & connecting with them meaningful ways is how we do.



It’s not just about finding the right people for the job; we’re all about building tight-knit teams that thrive on diversity and impact – folks that are culture-adds. We believe in the strength of community, where every individual’s unique talents add up to something extraordinary. We celebrate your ideas, cultivate your potential, and have a blast while doing it.



Thinking First

We start every conversation, project or relationship with the why. It guides us in taking deliberate, focused and intentional steps in how we work and the work itself.


Shaping the Future

We are plugged into the latest trends and the cultural zeitgeist. This lets us set up the strategic thinking to bring the future forward for your audiences and communities.


Being Bold

We’re fearless, determined and nimble, and that’s exactly how we approach our work. We challenge comfort zones, biases and the status quo, going beyond the brief to ask the uncomfortable questions.


Going Beyond

Greatness is our only option. We go above, beyond and diagonally in everything we do. And we do it flawlessly and thoughtfully.


Driving Results

We’re iterative; we pilot, analyze, collaborate and optimize until we know we have achieved our collective goals.


Winning as 1

Your success is our success. Our goal is to win together as one team, with a bit of banter and a lot of fun.

Our Teams


At T1, we’re more than a team; we’re a community of thinkers shaping the future. Our bold approach goes beyond to drive results, and together, we win as one. Your success is ours. Join us in making greatness happen.


We’ve curated a dream team of freelancers, consultants, and partners from our extensive network to build a community that reflects who we are and what we stand for. Built to shape the future, our T1+ team members collaborate dynamically to spark unforgettable success for our clients. Join our community today.

Brand Ambassadors

Our extraordinary Brand Ambassadors are the beating heart of our live experiences. They create lasting impressions that resonate deeply. With their boundless passion, every event becomes an exciting stage, vividly showcasing our commitment to ‘Thinking First,’ ‘Being Bold,’ and ‘Winning as 1.’

Interns for 2024

Our interns are more than just learners; they’re vital contributors. With hands-on experiences in full-stack sponsorship, they get to see the cool work we do up close while bringing their fresh perspectives to the table. Join us and be part of our journey.