Full-Stack Sponsorship

Creating equitable partnerships & activating them for real people is what we do. And with a mission of uniting brands with people, building communities around brands & connecting with them meaningful ways is how we do.




The year was a pivotal moment: Mark Harrison founded TrojanOne and sparked a revolution in the industry. After 30 years, we remain independent and with the relentless drive to push against the status quo.


The number of incredible, passionate, creative, charming and unique people that work at T1. One of our core values is winning as one, with a bit of banter and a lot of fun.


Our platforms SponsorshipX and the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study (CSLS) propel the sponsorship industry forward through community, research and immersive experiences.

MH3 Collective

We’re part of the collective of ventures inspired and (co-) founded by Mark Harrison (MH3), with a shared mission to make a social impact, building a socially equitable future.


Drawing inspiration from web and software development, we have adopted the concept of “full-stack” to describe our holistic and end-to-end approach to sponsorship marketing.

Creating equitable partnerships & activating them for real people is what we do. And with a mission of uniting brands with people, building communities around brands & connecting with them meaningful in ways is how we do.


We create equitable and purpose aligned partnerships that make a real splash in brands’ communities. Grounded in research and data-backed, we prioritize measuring your return on objectives to prove what we are doing together is effective and works.


We unleash the inherent power of brands to connect with real people in real ways. Our campaigns defy the ordinary, fostering deep brand love and unwavering loyalty. With an omni-channel approach at our core, we shatter conventions, ignite emotions, and create extraordinary interactions that leave a memorable mark.


The most creative campaigns are only as good as who they reach and how they relate to it. Through powerful storytelling, we create a presence that resonates, inspiring clicks, followers, and meaningful interactions. We take brands, make them larger-than-life and leave a lasting impression.





A great BIG Thank you from the DEI team for you outstanding support with the Legacy Space Opening. We received a resounding number of compliments and we’re so thankful for the role that your team played in the success of the event. We appreciate your continued partnership and most importantly, your incredibly thoughtful approach to this project. Looking forward to working with you in the future!

Michelle Rafat, AVP, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Working with T1 has been an invaluable experience for St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation. Their team not only helped us develop a robust revenue generation strategy but also a realistic plan on how to implement it. T1’s innovative approach and deep understanding of our mission and value proposition enabled us to tap into untapped revenue streams. Their dedication to our cause and commitment to delivering results were evident throughout our partnership.

Lindsay Grange, AVP, Events, Sponsorship & Community Giving

Working with T1 is a game-changer. Their strategic acumen elevates every project. They prioritize collaboration, ensuring our visions are met and exceeded. Their dedication to excellence and innovation makes T1 the go-to partner for unparalleled success in the ever-evolving world of sponsorship marketing.

Tania​ Crecco, Head of Corporate Partnerships

GoGo squeeZ has been working with T1 Futbol for just over a year and we’re proud of the work that’s been accomplished with them in such a short time. They have been quick to understand our business challenges and formulated an optimal sponsorship and experiential program to address our needs in a collaborative and fun way. Through great creative and executing with excellence our programs with T1 Futbol have had an immediate impact on our brand impression with consumers and have contributed to the ongoing success and rapid growth of our brand. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and excellence working with T1 Futbol and their remarkable fun team.

Dory-Ann Cordeiro, Marketing Manager
Stuart Schneiderman, Marketing Director

T1 consistently delivers unforgettable experiences for our customers. Their collaborative approach to solving business challenges is not only refreshing but a vital asset to our ongoing success!

Ashley Curran AVP, Community Impact & Sport Partnerships


We’re sponsors of impactful brands, meaning we are champions and supporters of people, brands and organizations that want to make their mark.

We empower the next generation of talent​ by providing funding for the operating costs of two talent-focused non-profits, directly from our bottom line: Black Talent Initiative & Park Street Education.


Your success is our success. Our goal is to win together as one team, with a bit of banter and a lot of fun.
Get in touch and let’s work together.


We’re dedicated to driving the future of the sponsorship industry. Through our owned properties and published works, we stay at the forefront of industry trends and cultural shifts. Through these platforms and publications, we deliver innovative and insight-led sponsorship strategies to our clients, helping them stand out. At T1, we don’t just keep up with the future – we actively shape it.

Since 2005, SponsorshipX has been been a hub for the sponsorship marketing community, bringing them together through compelling content and immersive experiences.

Since 2006, T1’s Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study has provided industry insights on sponsorship trends through rigorous research, guiding brands, properties, and non profits to a competitive edge.

What Sponsors Want: Redefine sponsorship beyond logos and impressions, presenting a future-focused, five-principle model based on practical experiences and industry insights.

Business The NHL Way: Learn valuable business lessons from the NHL, applying hockey-inspired strategies to overcome challenges, make effective decisions, and thrive in various industries

Canadian Sport Marketing: Drive into the dynamic world of sport marketing, offering Canadian insights, practical tools, and industry expertise for students and professionals.

Sport Sponsorship Insights: Unlock the power of sport sponsorship with this concise guide. Discover key concepts, best practices, and real-world insights from industry experts.