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How Canadian Tire is Building a Better Future for Sport

How Canadian Tire is Building a Better Future for Sport

Alexandra (Ali) Telfer

The Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) is both a pioneer and innovator in sponsorship marketing.  

With a diverse portfolio of brands, including Marks, Party City, and Pro Hockey Life, CTC has always stood out as a conglomerate committed to sports values and community engagement. For example, Jumpstart, an independent charity under CTC’s wing, is central to their mission. The organization distributes resources to underserved communities and aims to foster inclusivity in sports.    

CTC’s Ashley Curran, Assistant Vice President of Sports Partnerships and Community Impact, and Kim Saunders, Vice President of ESG Strategy and Community Impact, spoke at a recent SponsorshipX event in Toronto. As the sports and sponsorship marketing industry continues to evolve, they shared how CTC is adapting their approach. 

Here are some of our key takeaways.    

The importance of clear, defined company values.   

As a Canadian corporation, CTC is committed to bettering the lives of all Canadians, and they believe that doing good for the community translates into doing good for the business. This ethos drives their commitment to partnerships they believe in, which contribute to their mission of levelling the playing field for sports in Canada.  

Storytelling is a crucial element in shaping partnerships.   

CTC sees partnerships as a storytelling mechanism for illustrating their values. For example, CTC is investing heavily in women’s sports for their upcoming partnership with the Olympics. This move is a clear embodiment of their values and a strategic storytelling move as they anticipate a heightened focus on women’s sports by broadcasters.  

The expanding definition of ROI.   

When CTC evaluates partnerships, success is not just about engagement and impressions. They also look at how they can make a difference in communities and improve people’s lives. For example, CTC views its Olympic partnership as both a sponsorship and long-term values-aligned commitment. This alignment serves as a rallying point internally and externally, creating excitement and ensuring the incorporation of all banners into the partnership.  

To sum up, the Canadian Tire Corporation’s approach transcends conventional business paradigms. By intertwining sports values, community impact, and innovative partnerships, they are shaping a future where sports catalyze positive change in Canada.