sponsorshipX Guide: Getting Geared Up

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There are only FIVE days left until the staff at The T1 Agency pack up our bags and head to the mountain for an incredible four days in Whistler, BC for our 18th sponsorshipX, conference. To prepare, we’ve asked a couple of honorary sponsorshipX veterans to answer some questions about what to expect from this incredible, live action conference.

  1. How many sponsorshipX experiences have you gone to? 

JUSTIN ORFUS, DIRECTOR, HR: This will be my 10th in a row – I believe I am just under Mark, President and CEO of The T1 Agency, for most appearances! It has been an awesome 10 years with memorable conference experiences like 2010 Whistler Paralympics, 2013 Memorial Cup in Saskatoon, Montreal Just for Laughs Festival in 2012, Ottawa Bluesfest in 2014 and, last year, the 2017 Juno Awards in Ottawa.

ROSANNE LEUNG, ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: Seven! I’ve been lucky enough to experience this conference both as an event manager overseeing its operations and as a proud T1 staff member helping to host our delegates onsite. From Montreal to Ottawa to Saskatoon to Edmonton and even in our own backyard in Toronto, it’s been an absolute thrill to see the sponsorshipX experience come to life in so many different and unique ways based on the partner property and themes that have been brought forward each year.

  1. What has been your favourite part about your past sponsorshipX experience(s)

JUSTIN: Having amazing and intimate access to amazing Canadian cultural moments that I am passionate about. Being able to place yourself in a once in a lifetime type moment is an opportunity you don’t typically get with other stuffy  events or conferences.  Moments like watching the Arkells perform in a hotel conference room before the Junos, to seeing the Muppets rehearse their comedy act at Just for Laughs, and being in the front row for the NBA All Star game practice in your hometown are priceless.

As well, the overall unity and bonding/relationship building opportunities are immense. It’s almost like going away on a retreat where you are immersed in this sponsorshipX bubble among industry leaders with similar interests and hunger for the business as you.

I have met new social friends, connected with old co-workers, and been inspired by remarkable speakers. The social activity’s the conference puts out there really allow you to forge these relationships that can last a lifetime!

ROSANNE: The chance to immerse yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. sponsorshipX delivers an unforgettable journey that takes you beyond just the four walls of a conference room. I remember my very first experience in 2011, held in Montreal in partnership with Formula 1. Not only did delegates get an exclusive tour of the racetrack at the start of the weekend, but the closing day took every delegate to a premium trackside suite next to the finish line. That feeling of hearing those F1 race cars zoom by us to the finish was unreal.

sponsorshipX also brings together marketing and sponsorship together in a really fun, engaging way. Our last four conferences have allowed delegates to participate in our own conference-run karaoke night, basketball tournament, and street hockey tournaments respectively. It really gives people the chance to break the ice and connect with each other in a unique, community-driven way.

  1. How can you prepare for the sponsorshipX experience? What can you expect?

JUSTIN: To pack:

  • Business cards – this is a network-friendly event
  • Phone charger (don’t forget to plug it in when you get back to your hotel – no matter what hour that is!)
  • Download the sponsorshipX app (available in the App Store). Pre-select the sessions you want to attend and study the delegate list. Prepare a hit list of individuals, companies, and speakers you want to connect with.
  • Get tons of sleep prior. Enjoy and take advantage of the meals provided to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to gather the courage to strike up a conversation with anyone there. You never know where that handshake in a coffee machine line-up can lead!

ROSANNE: Get ready to make lots of great connections – sponsorshipX delivers a unique, intimate experience where speakers, staff, and delegates alike are all a part of each and every moment. And expect lots of fun surprises along the way! Whether it was getting a surprise performance from the Arkells last year at the Juno’s in Ottawa, getting to play basketball at NBA Centre Court in the middle of the All-Star Weekend action. Tt’s not just about what’s on the schedule, but also what’s not!

We can’t wait to see you on the trails!




Alison Bounader, Digital Coordinator

Written by Alison Bounader, Digital Coordinator