Memorable Moments – RW’s Top 5 Articles of the Month

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I love to read. And I love to share those article that resonate with me, not only for others to see, but to use as my ‘rolodex of thought-starters’ for inspiration when working on that new brief or to open the conversation with clients.

In the hopes of inspiring your next great idea, every month I share my top five articles on everything from great experiential campaigns to game-changing tech. This month, my top picks were all grounded in some great consumer insights and truths that led each agency and/or brand to deliver memorable campaigns.

1. Ok, I have to be honest, my love of Halifax donairs was the first thing that drew my attention to this campaign. But what really resonates with me is the idea that it doesn’t always take big shops and big budgets to come up with great campaigns – it can be done with a great idea and some simple insights. The first example outlines a solid strategy grounded on some Albertan insights that led to a memorable stunt by DonAir.

DonAir CamRead the full post here

2. Since consumers are already looking to Airbnb as a company that focuses on exciting experiences, Carlsberg partnered with them to provide a unique opportunity for guests to raise a pint in a memorable way at the Carlsberg Cabin.

Carlsberg Cabin

Photography by George Fielding

Read the full post here

3. Trust me, I know that trying to get the kids off of their tablets to enjoy the outdoors can be a painful task…Which is exactly why I loved this initiative by OMO, which gave kids a “magical” experience as encouragement for getting outside and getting their hands dirty.

OMO Book of Dirt Watch the full video here

4. As a fan of the outdoors and going on nature hikes with my kids and pup, I loved how The North Face stayed true to its mission to ‘inspire a global movement of exploration’. The brands pop-up shop in the Italian Alps (featuring limited-edition items by famous explorers) really stays authentic to the brands message to “never stop exploring” and encourages consumers to take an amazing adventure in the Alps.

NorthFace Italian AlpsRead the full post here.

5. I’ll admit I’m not handy around the house, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one – which is why Lowes’ AR and VR in-store experience “hits the nail on the head” to visualize projects in-store. This is a great use of emerging tech to provide shoppers the opportunity to experience and gain confidence on ‘do-it-yourself-‘ home projects.

Lowes in-store AR/VRRead the full post here.

Stay tuned for more.

Cover Photo by Katya Austin on Unsplash
Ryan Ward, Account Director

Written by Ryan Ward, Account Director