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Position: Senior Analyst, Sponsorship
Duration: Full-time
Location: Toronto, ON

T1 Consulting is an internal team of experts at the T1 Agency that specialize in strategy, sponsorship and revenue generation. We use tools, data, research, future-forward thinking and industry knowledge to uncover our clients’ next move and provide solutions. From building sponsorship strategies and revenue generation plans for some of the biggest charities in Canada, to auditing and valuing sponsorships for major brands, we work on sponsorship on both sides of the table.

As a Senior Analyst, Sponsorship, you’ll work hands-on with a team of consultants across a wide variety of clients developing custom, operational, sponsorship, marketing and business strategies. In this role, you’ll be expected to work collaboratively across projects with a variety of responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative research
  • Supporting the development of project reports and presentations
  • Attending client-facing meetings, interviews and working sessions to both contribute as well as capture notes
  • Developing sponsorship sales tools including decks, tracking tools and prospect lists
  • Working collaboratively with clients on ongoing revenue generation efforts
  • Understanding industry trends and best practices and their relevance to client work
  • Identifying core insights from various sources of data that are critical to effective, custom strategy development

This is not a sponsorship sales role; T1 Consulting does not sell sponsorship on behalf of its clients.

Skills and Experiences:
T1 Consulting is looking for a candidate who meets the following description:

  • 2-4 years of sponsorship sales and/or management experience with a brand or property or relevant experience at an agency
  • A comprehensive understanding of business development practices, especially with respect to sponsorship
  • Able to identify current trends and best practices in the sponsorship industry from both the prospective of the property and the brand
  • Experience with various methods of research and data analysis
  • Demonstrated experience writing reports and decks that are external in nature (e.g. client facing)
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task and prioritize across a variety of projects, deliverables and timelines
  • Requisite skills in project management, Microsoft products, Keynote

The Senior Analyst, Sponsorship candidate would be an excellent fit for the team if, in addition to those skills listed above, they were:

  • A strategic thinker with the ability to synthesize research and data into concise, relevant insights that are critical in developing operational strategy
  • A creative person who is able to contribute to ideation and strategy, pulling from both industry knowledge and experience
  • Experience with any of the following: fundraising, peer to peer fundraising events, B2B sales, business planning
  • Eager to learn about both the industry, our clients and the most efficient and effective ways to deliver exceptional quality work
  • Someone with experience contributing to presentations externally in front of clients, prospective sponsors, etc.