It’s Good to be Green

January 24th, 2017 Posted by Thoughts 0 comments on “It’s Good to be Green”

Coming into a new work environment as an intern can be intimidating at times.  In my case, being extremely green to the marketing world added an extra weight. But just like Pantone’s colour of the year, i’ve learned that green can be a good thing! Why you ask? Allow me to share my experiences from my first three weeks with T1.

With my background being in public relations, I was curious about how I was going to be able to transfer my skills, if even at all. Would I fit in? Could I handle the work? Would I be successful? I quickly realized that what runs consistently between the industries is the quality of work, ideas and people that I am privileged to be around. From that moment, I knew that my time spent as an intern was going to be positive.

Being green is an amazing opportunity to learn and work with team leaders that take the time to teach, explain and nurture. They are helping me grow, not only as a professional, but as an integral component of the agency. Having those mentors that want you to succeed benefits both my own education and the agency. So far, T1’s internship program has highlighted the excellent character and abilities of the staff and how new professionals can benefit from their teachings.

Often interns don’t speak up initially and to try to blend into their new surroundings. The great thing about being new, from my experience, is the ability to bring a sense of eagerness to an agency. Despite level of experience, being able to a bring fresh pair of eyes and bright ideas is one of the major strengths any intern can bring to the table. Though it may be intimidating to raise your hand and speak up with an idea or comment, it encourages the rest of the agency to be continuously learning, growing and thinking. It gives everyone the ability and responsibility to be collaborative and innovative together as one. As green as you might be, you can always put thinking first.

The colour green has so many interpretations but taking a positive stance on it, whether it be new beginnings, a fresh perspective or a learning experience, is the best take on it I can suggest.  All in all, it may not be easy being green but everyone must start somewhere.

Haley Burger

Written by Haley Burger

Assistant Coordinator