Inspiring Innovation – RW’s Top 5 Articles of the Month

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I love to read. And I love to share those articles that resonate with me, not only for others to see, but to use as my ‘rolodex of thought starters’ for inspiration when working on that new brief or to open the conversation with clients.

In hopes of inspiring your next great idea, every month I share my top 5 articles on everything from great experiential campaigns to game-changing tech. This month, I’m sharing the top 5 innovative tools and events that have stood out amongst a whirlwind of updates.

  1. As a single Dad of two, I’ve always been a fan of the ‘What Can We Make Out of This Empty Box’ game to encourage creativity in my little ones. This month, Ikea brought some new ideas to the table by leveraging new, innovative tech. Bonus? Less cardboard waste.



2. BMW offered a great example of increasing the consumer value and experience of what generally is looked at as just a ‘shuttle service’. Your cruise around an event just turned into the ultimate test drive, and gets me thinking of many ways that brands and products can align with sponsorships as a way drive deeper consumer experience.

BMW Sponsorship Branding


3. Corona’s ‘Wave of Waste’ put the amount of plastic waste that gets disposed into Australia’s oceans each day into perspective during World Oceans Day. This thought-provoking installation flips the way we often view “paradise” in an effort to get Australians to re-think their waste contribution.

Corona Wave of Waste


4. A clever joint venture between NBC, Walmart, and AMC Theatres promoted the launch of the new Jurassic World films while driving consumers to stores in search of dinosaurs.

Jurrassic World Promo

5. While I’m sure the City of Montreal wasn’t impressed, I couldn’t help but appreciate this Golf Quebec initiative that turned the city’s pothole problem into a hole-in-one! This is a great example of using the space around you to leave a lasting impression.

Golf Quebec Pothole Initiative

Stay tuned for more.

Ryan Ward, Account Director

Written by Ryan Ward, Account Director