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Going Tech – RW’S Top 5 Articles of the Month

May 31st, 2018 Posted by Brands, Thoughts 0 comments on “Going Tech – RW’S Top 5 Articles of the Month”

I love to read. And I love to share those articles that resonate with me, not only for others to see, but to use as my ‘rolodex of thought starters’ for inspiration when working on that new brief or to open the conversation with clients.

In hopes of inspiring your next great idea, every month I share my top 5 articles on everything from great experiential campaigns to game-changing tech.

This month, aside from one example that took me down memory lane and one clever take on a ‘touchy subject,’ my favourite articles have revolved around technology with some brands making the most of the latest tech innovations.

Here are the articles that made the roster:

1. This really resonated with me because years ago we launched a surfer/beach/lifestyle beer brand in Canada and this would have been the perfect vehicle to provide our target audience a unique experience while enjoying a cold one (or two). Read more about the Truck Surf Hotel

Truck Surf Hotel

2. Custom whiskey bottle creation aside, the thought that using algorithms to match particular taste pallets to one of six new blends is what makes this personalization campaign by Johnnie Walker especially unique, engaging, and memorable. Read on about Johnnie Walker My Edition launch here.

Johnnie Walker My Edition

3. Coming from a self-proclaimed Sneaker Head (in my dreams), I love seeing shoe campaigns leverage the latest technology and creative platforms to launch limited edition kicks! Check it out.

Nike Kendrick Lamar
4. As someone who recognizes the importance of music playing a key strategic role in how  brands engage with their target market, this technology really got me thinking about the next great music festival experience. See the video here.

Yamaha AI System

5. Not only is this a great way to turn an often uncomfortable issue into one that encourages proactive conversation, it also increases awareness of the statistics surrounding prostate cancer and the importance of early detection. Thumbs up! (pun intended) Check out the microsite here.

The Famous Finger Collection - Abraham Lincoln


Stay tuned for more.

Ryan Ward, Account Director

Written by Ryan Ward, Account Director